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But most importantly, we understand how valuable time is.

The 3SCREEN™ System was created for those who live and work online. A system devoted to increasing productivity and output; to earn back extra hours that would of been lost on a single screen.

A simple Plug n’ Play way to change the way we work and play online. For the digital nomads, the at home workers, the gamers, designers, entrepreneurs and everyone in between.

Value Your Time

3SCREEN.CO was built on a 3SCREEN™ System

Everything you see; from the Web Development, Coding, Marketing, Designs, and Photos were created, edited and implemented using the 3SCREEN™ system. It took one third of the time it normally takes our now fully remote team. We couldn’t have accomplished what we have as quickly or as effectively without it.

The 3SCREEN™ System Difference

A Plug n’ Play System without the need for Magnets or Glue. Shipped directly to your door completely free from our manufactures. We believe in quality over everything, if you’re not entirely obsessed with your 3SCREEN™ System, we’ll take it back. All we ask is to know how we can improve our product for others.